Saturday, February 27, 2010

ABC's FlashForward and other journalistic fodder

Busy day today. When I've got more than one interview in a day it seems like I spend all my time in email going back and forth to set things up, rearrange things, or to check and see if anyone wrote me to schedule another interview. That's what happens during magazine time when I have 15-20 interviews scheduled in 2 or 3 weeks time.

In the "good" journalism column, I wrote an article after my interview yesterday with new FlashForward showrunner Jessika Borsiczky that got picked up by today, and which earned me an "Awesome" from my editors at It was an exclusive about Battlestar's James Callis, who played Gaius Baltar, getting cast in a mysterious new role on FlashForward.

Originally I had four interviews scheduled, but one got postponed til next week. Fridays are good for that. I also wrote an article between interviews on a new BBC movie on Atlantis that's being done with a mix of virtual and real sets like the movie 300. Sounds interesting, but I don't know if we'll get to see it in the U.S.

In my interviews I chatted with executive producers including Saving Grace's Nancy Miller, Smallville's Kelly Souders, and Lost's Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. I've talked to them all, especially Miller and Souders, many times before and they're fun to talk to. I love getting the inside scoop about what's happening on a show before anyone else.

Eventually I'll post some of those conversations here, after Sci Fi Wire and Sci Fi Magazine have had their way with them. What I can say is that TNT's Saving Grace has been canceled and is finishing up it's run with it's final 9 episodes. Nancy's wonderful to talk to. She's got a kind of husky New York voice that's distinctive and I'd know her if she called me out of the blue. She's very excited about the way the series is ending and, I've got to say, no one's been braver in pushing the television envelope than her. It will be interesting to see how the show plays out and where the main character, Grace, will be at the end of it all.

ABC's Lost is another one that's ending and where they're going with this is pretty fascinating. The guys are definitely excited about where their series is going and they admitted they've never had a gig before, and don't expect to have one after, that's allowed them to do as much diversity as they've experienced in writing for Lost.

As for the CW's Smallville, Kelly is a doll and always very giving in her interviews. Smallville seems to be having a lot of fun with its direction this year and that isn't bad for a show in its 9th season. No word on a 10th season yet from Kelly or from the network, but considering the ratings, my money would go on that likelihood.

Monday it's on to the world of NBC's Chuck and the CW's The Vampire Diaries.

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