Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exec Producer Scott Rosenbaum: The original V vs. the new V

Here's another V interview bite from executive producer and showrunner Scott Rosenbaum. My question was what similarities and differences he saw between the 1980's V and the new V...

"I watched the original series and I took note of what it was about, and for me it needed to change a bit because it is 30 years later," said Rosenbaum. "At the same time I thought there were some core ideas that were part of what the ultimate originally was that I did find to be worth keeping and worth integrating."

Forget impending doom on V! How about some big ass teeth!

ABC's V started back up last night and there was some fun to be had. Check out my review on Sci Fi Wire, "What you loved, what you hated in the new V".

One bit of news that didn't make the review was that it looked a whole lot like X-Files actor Nicholas Lea popped up in Tyler's memories as his father in the V Memory Chamber. Interesting, considering it was already announced that Lea had been cast in the show.

V certainly has an enormous genre cast already.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chatting with Lucifer and Jacob... or Mark Pellegrino

I love talking to character actors. I had the good fortune to talk to Lost/Smallville's Mark Pellegrino today. A look at his Internet Movie Database tells it all... he's had 99 roles with ones that started out with him playing characters called Punk and Dude.

And now he's playing the mysterious Jacob on Lost and Lucifer on Supernatural. It's an impressive career and he's a fascinating fellow.

You'll see some of my interview with him here after it's made it to the Sci Fi Wire.

Producer Scott Rosenbaum promises: New V is full of OMFG! moments

Want to know what's coming up on ABC's V tonight? Check out my article on Sci Fi Wire, "Producer promises: New V is full of OMFG! moments".

I've also got some more Scott Rosenbaum fun quotes, but I'll save those for later.

Here's a video promo...

ABC's Castle goes "Boom!"

I hate it when I'm psychic! Nope, Beckett didn't get killed. She jumped into a bathtub and survived the explosion, which is lucky since word has it she's getting Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco as a boyfriend later this season.

However, it was a damn good two-parter and Dana Delany was great in it. I'm glad she didn't get killed either. However, anyone want to make a bet that the bad guy breaks out of prison at some point and they get to do it all over again. He was a fairly worthy opponent and I liked it taking Castle and Beckett to solve the crime.

ABC's V is back, interview spillage with showrunner Scott Rosenbaum

You can check out my article Tuesday on Sci Fi Wire about what's coming up on ABC's V over the next few weeks. But here was a fun bit about how executive producer Scott Rosenbaum ended up running the show and how Star Wars helped him develop characters...

"What happened was I was brought in to take over the show after the third episode. I was an executive producer on The Shield and then I was an executive producer on Chuck. And so they approached me to come take over this show, and I wasn’t expecting it. I was on Chuck and doing that and it was such a cool show and a wonderful opportunity, but I just said, 'Of course.'

Monday, March 29, 2010

What's worthwhile on TV this week sci-fi and other wise?

Want to know what's coming up on TV this week that focuses on sci-fi, action and paranormal TV? Check out my regular Monday column on Sci Fi Wire "Everything you need to know about every sci-fi TV show this week".

I have videos of upcoming promos and there's a lot of restarts this week that are worth checking out, like ABC's V and Syfy's Stargate Universe. And then, of course, there's Syfy's Merlin, which begins it's second season. I interviewed star Colin Morgan last week and I'll have an interview up on Sci Fi later this week. Great, fun guy with a wonderful Irish accent.

NBC's Chuck interviews with Sarah's Yvonne Strahovski and co-creator Chris Fedak

If you want to find out what's coming up on NBC's Chuck, check out my article on Sci Fi Wire today.

I'll have more from both Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Sarah, and co-creator and executive producer Chris Fedak here, when I get a chance to go through and see what good bits got left out. But here's a teaser: Something you may not know about Strahovski... she used to wear a nose ring.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" but they do eat people on Supernatural

It's great to see The CW's Supernatural back in action with new episodes and with a fantastic episode called "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid." No show quite manages the same level of humor vs. horror (although Fox's Fringe manages to come pretty close IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD!), and anyone who isn't watching Supernatural is missing one of the best shows on TV.

Not bad for a series which really just started as a show about two hot monster hunting guys in a hot car who traveled around the country. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

"Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" is the perfect example of what makes Supernatural so good. From the humor of Sam and Dean getting slapping in cuffs for threatening a tax paying zombie by the sheriff to Dean's love of Bobby's dead wife's pies, it was funny.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Executive producer Julie Plec chats up The Vampire Diaries

I've been chatting with The Vampire Diaries' co-creator and executive producer Julie Plec since she worked on ABC Family's Kyle XY. She's a terrific interview and amazing writer who takes her characters into the most challenging places.

Before it was announced that The Vampire Diaries had been picked up for a second season, we talked in general about the show and here's some of our conversation, with more than a little info on what emotional toll it takes to put a TV show together:

The CW's The Vampire Diaries returns with "A Few Good Men"

The CW's Vampire Diaries returned on Thursday with new directions for most the the characters in the episode "A Few Good Men." There was some good and not-so-good in this one for me, so I can't say it was my favorite of the season. However, overall I think Diaries is doing pretty well for a first season show and I liked the general direction the series is going.

According to executive producer Julie Plec, she said "A Few Good Men" "is the calm before the storm in a way, because our heroes are not aware yet that the tomb has been opened, so life in Mystic Falls is getting a little bit back to normal has they host a bachelor raffle fundraiser in celebration of the upcoming Founder’s Day. Both Alaric and Damon agree to participate in this event where, ironically for Damon, 'a bunch of women clamoring to win a date with me sounds delicious.' So that is the fun of the episode and in the mean time Elena gets a lead on the identity of her birth mother which takes her closer to the truth of her birth mother’s connection to Alaric. And we see that story and how that all played out and finally understand what the connect is between Isobel and Elena’s Isobel."

Interviews with BBC's Merlin, Colin Morgan, and Lost/Supernatural's Mark Pellegrino

I got a chance to talk to Colin Morgan yesterday, who plays Merlin on the BBC/Syfy show. The Irish actor is a delight to talk to. I chatted with him and Anthony Head last year as well, for an article I did for Sci Fi Magazine.

Anyway, he promises lots of good stuff coming up for Merlin's second season, which premieres on April 2. They've actually started production on season three, as well, and are four episodes into that one. And if you missed the first season, Syfy is offering up a marathon this Sunday.

I'll be posting an article on Sci Fi Wire with the interview next week, and adding spillage here later.

Next week I'll be interviewing Mark Pellegrino, who manages to play Lucifer on Supernatural and Jacob/God? on Lost. It should be a fun interview. That interview should appear later in the week on Sci Fi Wire.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Spy's Robert Culp dies at 79

Check out my appreciation write up of writer, director, and actor Robert Culp (I Spy, Greatest American Hero) on Sci Fi Wire. I added some cool video of him commenting on the creation of I Spy, working with Bill Cosby, and about his character on The Greatest American Hero.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

After 24 years, At The Movies is canceled

In 1975, PBS put together a movie review TV show which would eventually land on the name "Sneak Previews," that starred two respected newspaper Chicago critics, the Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert and the Chicago Tribune's Gene Siskel.

Siskel and Ebert trademark passionate discussions about movies eventually made them famous enough to leave PBS and move on to "Siskel & Ebert," which later was called "At The Movies" once it's famous reviewers left. Despite various names and reviewers since Siskel's passing in 1999 and Ebert's battle with thyroid cancer that sidelined him in 2006, "At The Movies," lived on although a shadow of it's former self. Let's face it, Gene and Roger made the show fun and interesting and we cared what they thought about the movies they argued about.

In a statement from Disney-ABC Domestic TV, it was announced that "At The Movies," has been canceled and will air it's final episode this summer.

TV Goodies - What's coming up in April 2010

Every month I'll try to put together a list of what original TV shows to look forward to. I'll update it as I get more information. And if you want details about what's coming up each week, check out my column on Sci Fi Wire each Monday by going to the Columns section.

Here's the start of April 2010:


Monday, March 29: - staring early in honor of Saving Grace and V

Saving Grace (TNT) - Season 4 returns for three episodes. The final six episodes of the series will beginning airing in late May.

Tuesday, March 30:

V (ABC) - returns with "Welcome to the War," the first of the last eight episodes of season one.

Thursday, April 1:

Fringe (Fox) - Returns with new episodes (finally!) The episode is called "Peter" and will have Walter reveal Peter's history to Olivia. It's a big one.

Supernatural (The CW) - Sam and Dean get killed and go to heaven... I'm not kidding. Maybe they'll get to ask God whatzup finally.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is ABC's Lost island a cork?

If you check out my February 25 post, "ABC's Lost - Is Jacob a jailer?" it seems to fit in with the events of last night's "Ab Aeterno." (Spoiler guesses ahead!)

In the Richard Alpert-centric episode we went back in time to learn his story. He did indeed, as many had guessed, come to the island on the Black Rock ship as a slave in chains. His story began in 1867, which makes Richard and Jacob REALLY OLD GUYS. If you want to read my entire recap, check it out Sci Fi Wire.

At one point Richard (who is Richardo then) sits on the beach while Jacob describes the bottle if wine he's holding as if it were filled with evil, with the cork being the actual island. My guess, that the island was a jail and Jacob was Smokey's jailer, seem to apply quite nicely.

NBC's Chuck is a spy and why I'm not sure I like it

Not long ago I talked to executive producer, co-creator Chris Fedak about what we had to look forward to for NBC's Chuck third season. "It’s really fun to tell the Chuck stories, the writers and actors and producers, we love these characters. We love taking them to new directions and that is what season three has allowed to do. It’s also allowed us to essentially create a new show. With these new abilities we’re kind of launching a new show. It’s still very much the Chuck show with the same kind of sense of humor combined with action, but now with Chuck having these abilities it’s like the concept we’ve kind of twisted it up a bit."

After seeing the first 11 episodes, I have to admit I'm a little confused and disappointed (and it doesn't have anything at all to do with the Sarah/Chuck romance quadrangle). Mind you, I still love Chuck, Sarah, Casey and all the characters. I still love the fun spy plots, the 80s throwback's Fedak and his co-creator Josh Schwartz love to sneak in, or the fantastic dialogue. Mind you, I'd never actually stop watching Chuck, unless NBC decided to cancel it (in which case... bastards!).

No, my problem is with the season so far is the whole "Chuck's a spy" business.

Could this be the end of CBS's Numb3rs?

On Friday, CBS aired the season six finale of Numb3rs, and it sure felt like the series finale. Despite decent ratings, CBS had reduced the number of episodes from 22 to 16, and that's a big signal the show's number may just be up for this inspired math/cop show. There's no official word, but CBS is trying out a new medical drama called Miami Medical.

Whether Miami Medical succeeds or not, CBS is in a great position with plenty of well performing shows to replace Numb3rs. It's good for CBS to have lots of material to choose from, but not so good for us Numb3rs lovers. Few cop shows bother to involve family in their formula, and that's something Numb3rs did well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It’s an explosive Castle on “Tick, Tick, Tick…”

Could this be the end of Nikki Heat aka Kate Beckett? In a cliffhanging nail bitter, a nearly naked, just out of the shower Beckett was apparently blown up just in time for Richard Castle to watch her apartment explode at the end of Monday’s “Tick, Tick, Tick…”

(spoiler alert, in case you haven’t figured it out)

Of course, this is only the 17 out of 22 episodes for the season, so chances are certain Beckett will somehow survive. The second part of the two-parter, “Boom!” should prove interesting because the show is good enough to make sure Castle and the other characters suffer before they learn Beckett’s ultimate fate.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anthony Head on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One of the reasons I wanted to do this blog was to have a place to print parts of my interviews that never managed to find a home. Either my editor wasn't interested or there were space considerations or the subject matter came out of left field and didn't fit with the rest of the article.

Some of this will be classic stuff, which is just another way to say it happened a long time ago, but I still remember it. So I hunted it down, edited it and here it is. Other times I'll get it up quickly for you based on a recent interview.

First up is an interview I did Anthony Head, who I originally talked to about a year ago for his new BBC series Merlin.

The return of NBC's Chuck

I love Chuck, both my husband Chuck and the NBC television show, Chuck. Not that they have anything in common. The TV show Chuck just returned from its Olympic break, and it was a terrific episode filled with spy stuff, half naked guest hotties, mobsters, and Sarah's real name.

It just so happens I talked to Chuck's co-creator, Chris Fedak, today for my Sci Fi Magazine column, TV In Focus. Chris is one of those spitfire talkers, who can barely stop to take a breath. Nice guy. He's happy to see the show getting some attention these days.