Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy girl, but in a very cool (if crazy) way

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I'm in what I affectionately call Hell Week. Hell Week actually lasts two weeks or longer when I'm working on a new issue of Sci Fi Magazine. I'm actually working on the August issue (magazine issue dates are goofy and far in advance).

Let's just say my husband, Chuck, sees a lot of my back as I pound away at the keyboard when I'm in my Hell Weeks and, since he doesn't watch TV, we end up in a weird place where I'm a genius about what's coming up on TV and he's gracious enough to listen to me babble about something he could care less about. He's a good husband. He even does the dishes and drags me outside once and awhile.

The good news is I get to talk to some very cool TV type people... like the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith. Check out my article on Sci Fi Wire, Who's Matt Smith: Why the new Doctor is a 'bit bonkers'.

I also got to talk to RoboCop's Peter Weller, who had a nice guest star stint on Fringe last week. My article in the Wire was, "Peter Weller time-travels on Fringe; Plus RoboCop". Some day I'll blog about why I had sworn to myself I'd never ever talk to Weller again, but that's for another time. Anyway, I was happy with the article.

In the mean time, you might notice that those are Sci Fi Wire articles, which means I'm squeezing in interviews and magazine stuff also. Along with that I finally completed (well almost) a huge project that I thought I'd never see the end of, which is a Remake or Reboot Tracker for the Wire of all the movie remakes that are in the works right now. There are over 130 that I could find.

And while I'd love for this week to be all about the magazine, since I've got 5 articles and my column TV In Focus to write, I've also got a couple column type things for the Wire that I'll have to take care of. So lots of writing coming up and not a lot of blogging in the next few days.

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