Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kat's Loved It or Loathed It - for the week of April 12

Here's a new feature. Just think sort of a sci-fi Cheers and Jeers or "'s Swell-o-vision vs. Smell-o-Vision". Yes, I might occasionally pop over into American Idol or Castle, but you'll just have to live with it.

Loved It:
  • Doctor Who - Yep, Matt Smith as the new Doctor (not to mention his new companion Amy) is great. In one episode he totally makes the Doctor his own. Go Matt! Can't wait to see more.

  • Lost - Hurley getting the girl, as he and Libby finally got their date. Yes, it was in the Sideways alternate universe (which I call the Sideverse), but they got their moment.

  • Lost #2 - Desmond and the Locke Monster trying to kill each other in different universes.

  • V - Anna laying eggs... lots of them! Okay, she's actually making an army of alien soldiers. If only the rebels were as interesting.

  • V #2 - Georgie's death. Sad, but well done.

  • Supernatural - Dean finally making a choice and it involved driving one of those angel killing stakes through Zachariah's skull. That angel was a dick and he really had it coming!

  • Fringe - Walter getting his White Tulip in the mail, the sign he has to tell Peter he's from an alternate universe. Another great episode. Fringe has gotten so much better this year!

  • Stargate Universe - every encounter that Dr. Rush and Col. Young have now that Rush has tried to frame Young for murder and Young has tried to strand Rush on a planet to die. Robert Carlyle as Rush and Justin Louis as Young are extraordinary.

  • Destination Truth - Yes, I'm always worried Josh or one of his crew will get eaten by a tiger while tramping around the jungle. While his trip to check out the Lizard Man in rural American didn't yeild any Lizard Men, you gotta love the Button Man and the old dude who took him flying... priceless.

  • Vampire Diaries - Finding Vicki's body. Nice twist back to an old storyline that affected a lot of the characters. Also, this week Jeremy reading Elena's diary (since that whole diary thing has kind of gone by the wayside til now), and knowing the truth.

  • Vampire Diaries #2 - Heroes' David Anders popping in to stir things up as Elena and Jeremy's uncle.

Loathed It:
  • V - Don't you just want to smack Tyler around every time you see him? It doesn't help that the writers handling his story so clumsily. I mean really, why does he have to find out his dad isn't is real dad just at that exact moment. It can only be because the Vs are writing the script.

  • V #2 - Seriously! All this build up about John May, and they even got Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco to play him. And then he's killed off screen and in a flashback to boot! What a wasted opportunity!

  • Human Target - Ending the season on a cliffhanger! Hiring Lee Majors to be the first Christopher Chance and then wasting him with a couple minor scenes. Really! And, oh yeah, thanks again for the cliffhanger on a show that may not get renewed! I like the show, but SO LOATHE THAT!

  • FlashForward - Where to start! So Janis is the FBI mole #2, and the first mole did it because working for the FBI didn't make her feel important enough. WHAT? Like killing 20 million people by helping the people who may have caused the blackout is what? More fulfilling? Yikes!

  • FlashForward #2 - Don't you hate Mark for choosing his job over his family?

  • FlashForward #3 - Wtf is going on and why should I care (well, me and the 5 million people still left watching). Again, what a wasted opportunity. This show started off with a great mystery, but has totally lost it's way.

  • Vampire Diaries - Going back a bit... Overall, good show. But people are dropping right and left and the Founders guys are worried about the vamps "might" be back? What about the guy who got creamed by the truck or the lady who fell down the stairs (by the guy who later got creamed by the truck)? How big is this town that SO many people can get killed off. Which leads us too...

  • Vampire Diaries #2 - Going back a week... to Elena. So she and Damon and Alaric (hate that name) head off to save Stefan from the tomb vamps. Damon snaps the neck of the homeowner, so he can get in the house. Damon, great character, is a killing machine, so yeah, he'd pop the nice lady's neck so he doesn't have to be invited in. But it was in front of Alaric, who's supposed to be a good guy and should have had more issues about it. And then there's Elena, who got the witch played by Gina Torres killed after saving Damon a while back. Nope, she doesn't even probably know the witch is dead or the nice homeowner lady is dead, but it just seems wrong. Damon killing people is one thing, but involving Alaric and Elena... it's just not right for me and it shouldn't be right for the characters.

  • Stargate Universe - Yep, a little boring this week, although you have to give cred to the writers for not taking the easy path by taking the perfect planet and doing a Star Trek on it. But still...

I may update this after I check out Riverworld. More next week.

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