Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Could this be the end of CBS's Numb3rs?

On Friday, CBS aired the season six finale of Numb3rs, and it sure felt like the series finale. Despite decent ratings, CBS had reduced the number of episodes from 22 to 16, and that's a big signal the show's number may just be up for this inspired math/cop show. There's no official word, but CBS is trying out a new medical drama called Miami Medical.

Whether Miami Medical succeeds or not, CBS is in a great position with plenty of well performing shows to replace Numb3rs. It's good for CBS to have lots of material to choose from, but not so good for us Numb3rs lovers. Few cop shows bother to involve family in their formula, and that's something Numb3rs did well.

At least in the end of the final episode, "Cause and Effect," Charlie and Amita got married and prepared to head to London as visiting professors, David got a promotion in D.C., and Don finally grew up and decided he really did want to stay with the FBI. Oh, yeah, and he also finally popped the question to Robin (who accepted this time). It was a happy ending for all and in the end, it was about family and not about math or crime or cops.

The ending felt very satisfying for this regular viewer. I'll miss Numb3rs if (and most likely when) CBS decides to finally cancel it. And it won't get the respect it deserves for inventive plots, strong characters and belief that the strength of family that makes people's lives worth while.

It wasn't a perfect show by any means. Even in the last episode I kept wondering where Amita's parents were for the wedding. Little things like that would pop up in episodes that would remind us this was indeed just a TV show. But in the end, Numb3rs was more than the sum of it's parts.

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