Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" but they do eat people on Supernatural

It's great to see The CW's Supernatural back in action with new episodes and with a fantastic episode called "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid." No show quite manages the same level of humor vs. horror (although Fox's Fringe manages to come pretty close IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD!), and anyone who isn't watching Supernatural is missing one of the best shows on TV.

Not bad for a series which really just started as a show about two hot monster hunting guys in a hot car who traveled around the country. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

"Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" is the perfect example of what makes Supernatural so good. From the humor of Sam and Dean getting slapping in cuffs for threatening a tax paying zombie by the sheriff to Dean's love of Bobby's dead wife's pies, it was funny.

Here's a Sneak Peek:

Of course, nothing is quite what it seems on Supernatural, and there weren't any angels or demons to muck up things up in this special episode. But to take zombies, creatures (at least as far as I can remember haven't been on the series) and turn them from out-of-the-grave murderers, to beloved and missed (and pretty good looking) family members, and back into (you know it was coming) HUNGRY murderous zombies... you just got to love it.

Bobby was at center stage on this one, as his dead, cremated, pie-making wife returned from the grave and she really was sweet as pie. So when Sam and Dean showed up, Bobby, the sheriff and everyone else lied... cause let's face it, just because they're zombies doesn't make them bad people. Of course, something else was going on here and the family reunions weren't going to last.

But what a heartbreaking ending! The horror of the sheriff watching as her zombie son eat her husband and then waiting outside the house while Sam went in to destroy him... We didn't have to see anything more than her reaction to the gun shot that went off inside the house.

And poor Bobby having to kill his loving wife for a second time (she was turned into a demon round one), right after she tells him why this all really happened... so tragic, so terrible.

Of course, the series got back to the angels and demons at the end of it all. Apparently Death had a message for Bobby, that he's annoyed Bobby's been interfering and keeping Sam from saying yes to become Lucifer's new suit.

My problem with that is that the bad guys know where Bobby lives. Apparently he really is the town drunk and if they wanted to take him out, would it be that hard? He's even in a wheelchair. Do they need to both sending a gaggle of zombies after him and even bother messing with his mind regarding his dead wife?

Still, minor quibbles.

Here's a Behind the Scenes bit with Jim Beaver (Bobby) about the episode:

Next week in "Dark Side of the Moon," "When Sam and Dean are killed by hunters, they end up in Heaven. They discover they must find Joshua, an angel who speaks directly with God, before Zachariah can find them."

I'm hoping God finally puts in an appearance. I'll put up an exclusive interview with exec producer Ben Edlund when I get a chance later.

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