Saturday, March 27, 2010

Interviews with BBC's Merlin, Colin Morgan, and Lost/Supernatural's Mark Pellegrino

I got a chance to talk to Colin Morgan yesterday, who plays Merlin on the BBC/Syfy show. The Irish actor is a delight to talk to. I chatted with him and Anthony Head last year as well, for an article I did for Sci Fi Magazine.

Anyway, he promises lots of good stuff coming up for Merlin's second season, which premieres on April 2. They've actually started production on season three, as well, and are four episodes into that one. And if you missed the first season, Syfy is offering up a marathon this Sunday.

I'll be posting an article on Sci Fi Wire with the interview next week, and adding spillage here later.

Next week I'll be interviewing Mark Pellegrino, who manages to play Lucifer on Supernatural and Jacob/God? on Lost. It should be a fun interview. That interview should appear later in the week on Sci Fi Wire.

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