Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exec Producer Scott Rosenbaum: The original V vs. the new V

Here's another V interview bite from executive producer and showrunner Scott Rosenbaum. My question was what similarities and differences he saw between the 1980's V and the new V...

"I watched the original series and I took note of what it was about, and for me it needed to change a bit because it is 30 years later," said Rosenbaum. "At the same time I thought there were some core ideas that were part of what the ultimate originally was that I did find to be worth keeping and worth integrating."

Rosenbaum admits he can't give specifics, "because that will give away why they’re here. I would say to me one of the things about the original V was, there was very much this parallel to Nazi Germany and Aryan race and this perfect race. I don’t want to necessarily go down that road in that way, but I will say this... I think that ultimately what the first series did have a lot about, which is certainly something I think is a big part of this show, is how by maintaining our humanity it is ultimately A) what makes us human, but it will also be why we can ultimately win," he said.

"That to me is the show ultimately. I think it needs to celebrate what is special about us when we’re at our best. The question is if we stick to those principals and we stick to the things that have made us human, I mean obviously we’ve done a lot of horrible things, but at the end of the day we’re different than animals because we can think and we have empathy and we have feelings. And I think ultimately that’s what separates us and if we embrace those things, we can beat the Vs. And hopefully the show will feel, despite the fact there’s going to be a lot of losses and a lot of difficult things for our team, ultimately and hopefully it will feel like at the end of the day an uplifting show about being human," said Rosenbaum.

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