Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The return of NBC's Chuck

I love Chuck, both my husband Chuck and the NBC television show, Chuck. Not that they have anything in common. The TV show Chuck just returned from its Olympic break, and it was a terrific episode filled with spy stuff, half naked guest hotties, mobsters, and Sarah's real name.

It just so happens I talked to Chuck's co-creator, Chris Fedak, today for my Sci Fi Magazine column, TV In Focus. Chris is one of those spitfire talkers, who can barely stop to take a breath. Nice guy. He's happy to see the show getting some attention these days.

Just before the Olympics got in the way of Chuck's season, in the episode "Chuck Versus the Mask," main characters Chuck and Sarah got redirected to other love interests, Smallville's Kristin Kreuk and Superman's Brandon Routh. Apparently for Chuck fans that meant the sky was falling, the world was ending, AND the earth was about to explode, and they were going to stop watching Chuck rather than seeing these two character move on to other lovers. Silly shippers (as in people in favor of Chuck and Sarah's relationship).

If they just fall in love and live happily ever after there won't be a show!

So as soon as I got Chris on the phone I asked him about the fan fallout of breaking up Chuck and Sarah. Once I get the interview transcribed I'll give you a chance to read some of the actual interview regarding this subject (although not the really good spoilers, which you'll have to wait til later on in the season to find out about).

Basically, he said they never planned for the three Kristin Kreuk episodes to be split apart by the Olympics. The plan was always to run them as consecutive episodes, which would have kept the shipper fans from having as much time to obsess about it. Of course, now Sarah is having her way with Brandon's Shaw (who looked mighty good without his shirt on), so now they have that to obsess about.

Chris also said it was a blessing and a curse how involved the fans were with the characters lives. A blessing because they care, and a curse because they jump to conclusions before the story has a chance to play out.

What I can tell you is that the writers have lots of fun stuff planned for Chuck, Sarah and Casey to deal with as Chuck tries to do his spy thing this season. Since Chuck's season was originally 13 episodes long, with 6 additional episodes added later, the first 13 will act as a kind of separate season with its own arc. Then the last six episodes will play out with its own separate arc.

As for the Chuck shippers, I'm sure they're thrilled with the events and revelations (except for the Sarah/Shaw action) of tonight's episode, "Chuck Versus the Fake Name." And we can look forward to more good stuff with many new episodes yet to come. What Chuck fan could ask for more?

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