Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ABC's Castle goes "Boom!"

I hate it when I'm psychic! Nope, Beckett didn't get killed. She jumped into a bathtub and survived the explosion, which is lucky since word has it she's getting Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco as a boyfriend later this season.

However, it was a damn good two-parter and Dana Delany was great in it. I'm glad she didn't get killed either. However, anyone want to make a bet that the bad guy breaks out of prison at some point and they get to do it all over again. He was a fairly worthy opponent and I liked it taking Castle and Beckett to solve the crime.

One quibble, Castle should be wrong once and a while and Beckett should be ahead of him more. Let's have a little more equality in their relationship.

You can check out my review of part one here.

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