Saturday, May 15, 2010

Iron Man 2 - Why Robert Downey Jr. should be in all movies

It's just a thought, but wouldn't all movies be better if Robert Downey Jr. was in them? Think about it. Take Robin Hood, if Downey replaced Russell Crowe, he would have made a great Robin Hood. Since the 1938 version, Errol Flynn has never been equaled in the role. But perhaps Robert Downey Jr. could have come close.

And if Downey popped up to do a part in Harry Potter or Twilight, wouldn't it make those movies better. Can't you see Downey as one of Harry Potter's teachers?

There's no denying that Iron Man 2 works because of Downey's charm. Sure Scarlett Johansson was red hot, the suit was rocking, and Samuel L. Jackson was cool, but in the end it's Downey who is the reason we'll be watching Iron Man in the future.

It certainly wasn't a perfect movie. I could have done without Sam Rockwell's smarmy Hammer and Mickey Rourke's character never quite worked for me. But who cares. It had Robert Downey Jr. and the powers that be were smart enough to realize they needed to give him more screen time than Iron Man.

Well, Iron Man 3 is surely on its way.

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