Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Journalistic Rumblings - Summer shows, pickups, renewals, cancellations...

It's been one busy week with the network news flying fast and furious, including big pick ups and shocking cancellations...

Upcoming Newish Summer Shows:
NBC: Persons Unknown
ABC: The Gates
Syfy: Haven
Comedy Central: Futurama

New Shows for fall and midseason 2010-2011:
ABC: No Orindary Family
CBS: None
NBC: Undercovers, The Event, The Cape
Fox: Terra Nova
The CW: Nikita

Renewed Shows for 2010-2011:
ABC: V, Castle
CBS: The Big Bang Theory, Medium
NBC: Chuck
Fox: Fringe, Human Target, Bones
The CW: The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Smallville

2009-2010 Cancellations:
ABC: Lost, FlashForward, Happy Town, Better Off Ted, Eastwick
CBS: Ghost Whisperer
NBC: Heroes
Fox: 24, Dollhouse, Past Life
The CW: None
Syndicated: Legend of the Seeker
TNT: Saving Grace

Once CBS and the CW announce their schedules, I'll take a look at how the shows stack up on the schedule.

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