Friday, May 7, 2010

True Blood's Alan Ball dishes on Lafayette

Here's a teaser with some of my recent interview with True Blood creator and executive producer, Alan Ball, and what he had to say about the new people we'll meet in Lafayette's life in the show's upcoming third season, which premieres on HBO on June 13.

Lafayette is played by the wonderful Nelsan Ellis, and we'll get to meet Lafayette's mother, played by the amazing Alfre Woodard. Lafayette will also get an oh so hot Latino boyfriend, who is a good-natured orderly taking care of Woodard's character.

KATHIE: What was it like working with Alfre Woodard?

ALAN: Well, you look at Lafayette and go what kind of mother would have produced him? And, you know what, she is game to go there. We’re working around her schedule cause she’s on another show as well. We definitely see her several times throughout the season. Lafayette is going to get a love interest this year for the first time.

KATHIE: What can you tell us about the relationship?

ALAN: Kevin Alejandro is playing Jesus, who is the first person who has made a serious pitch for Lafayette’s heart. Which is quite a struggle as you might imagine cause Lafayette’s got a lot of walls around himself. But those two are really good together and, once they got over their initial... I wouldn’t say discomfort, but kind sheepishness about playing guys who kiss each other, their chemistry between them is pretty palatable. They both really bring it.

More to come on this interview later. You can also expect to see some of my interviews with Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara, and Denis O'Hare, who plays the big bad... the Vampire King of Mississippi. True Blood got the cover for the August issue of Sci Fi Magazine and I wrote two articles on the show.

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