Saturday, May 1, 2010

This 'n That

Been away, so it's time to catch up. My articles last week on Sci Fi Wire included a look at NBC's Chuck and the rest of its season via an interview with exec producer Chris Fedak, an interview with actress Lourdes Benedicto who plays Valerie on ABC's V, and an interview with Matt Davis who plays high school teacher Alaric on The Vampire Diaries.

I also covered the cancellation of the syndicated Legend of the Seeker and did my regular column "Everything you need to know about this week's sci-fi TV" (or my sci fi-ish TV guide with video clips on what's coming up for the week).

All that and Vegas too! And no, I didn't win anything (or lose anything for that matter).

As far as my interviews with Benedicto and Davis, they were very short 10 minute in and out interviews. I doubt I have a lot much worthwhile to post that didn't make the articles.

However, while there's not a lot more I can squeeze out of my interviews from the Wire this week, as I mentioned before I've been in Hell Week(s) writing 6 articles for the August issue of Sci Fi Magazine, along with my massive column about what's coming up on the summer shows, "TV In Focus." No links to those unfortunately. Since I usually do 15-25 interviews per issue (along with some actor stuff), I'll probably have some stuff to share there, especially regarding HBO's True Blood. True Blood is getting the cover and the issue will be on newsstands from June 1 through July 17.

I interviewed Rutina Wesley (Tara, one of the most interesting characters on TV) and one of the series new big bads, Denis O'Hare (who plays the Vampire King of Mississippi), along with the series creator Alan Ball (Oscar winner, Alan Ball, that is!).

I also got an interview with Eddie McClintock who plays Pete Lattimer on Warehouse 13 and Salli Richardson who plays Allison Blake on Eureka. Since the Eureka article got put on hold (they're going to get the cover for the October issue, we think!), I might have to hold her stuff for a while til I figure out what I'm going to use.

One of the purposes of this blog to run interview bits that never made my articles, so you can at least expect a little something where I talk to the producer of Warehouse 13 regarding how often Eddie McClintock takes off his shirt on the show... along with Eddie's take on that. I should be able to get to that one sooner rather than later.

And more good news! For the next issue of the magazine I'll be talking to James Callis (Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galatica) who is joining the cast of Eureka. So I should have some info on that for you once the interview goes off in a month or so.

For those who can't wait for some Callis, here's a link to a Digital Spy interview by Catriona Wightman regarding his role on FlashForward or you can check out my interview with FlashForward exec producer Jessika Borsiczky explaining why she cast Callis in the show.

As for this week on the blog...

I'll put together a what's coming up for May with premiere and finale dates (and anything else of interest), along the lines of the one I did for April.

I'll do a Loved It or Loathed It later this weekend for the last couple of weeks after I catch up with some of the goodies I missed this week (like the Fringe musical).

And now since that it's looking like FlashForward or V (or both) will be cancelled by ABC, I'll do a FlashForward vs. V smackdown.

I may also have to chime in on Legend of the Seeker this week or next.

As for what I have coming up on Sci Fi Wire this week beyond my Everything on TV column, expect my Lost Q&A, maybe a bit of Chuck, and sci-fi and fantasy season finales and what to expect.

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