Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kat's Loved It or Loathed It - Death, a Tiger, and an Alien Dino

Time to catch up on some of the best and worst of television for the last couple of weeks:

Loved It:
  • Lost - The death of Sayid was expected and he redeemed himself. However, the deaths of Sun and Jin were were not and after the long wait to see them reunited, it's was beautifully done. But the best was when Hurley, Kate and Jack balled their eyes out over the loss of their friends. For a show that embraces the fantastic, the moment felt... real.

  • V - Anna continues to be scary and Morena Baccarin subtle acting makes her character one of the most interesting and mysterious on TV. You really do get the idea that even her own people don't know what she's planning. And speaking of that, Anna beating up her own daughter and ordering her guard to break her legs so it will look like she was attacked by the Fifth Column... talk about mommy dearest.

  • Chuck - This show gets better and better. Sarah and Chuck are almost as great a team as Casey and Morgan. And Ellie and Awesome are coming back! Okay, it was because of the nasty Ring, but they're coming back! Oh, and there was a tiger!

  • Castle - I'm so glad Michael Trucco, who plays Kate's new boyfriend, is getting a chance to do more on Castle than he got to do on his wasted role on V. The Caste/Kate/Tom Demming triangle is oh, so entertaining.

  • The Vampire Diaries - David Anders turn as the hated Johnathan Gilbert makes Damon look like a good guy. I'm kind of hoping they don't kill him off at the end of the season since he's a worthy villain for the brothers and Elena.

  • The Vampire Diaries #2 - And then there's Stefan. I've never been much of a Stefan fan, but he just got a lot more interesting now that we know he killed his father, drank his blood and then forced Damon to turn into a vampire. And you thought he was the good guy.

  • Supernatural - Thank God there's Mark Sheppard to lighten up the Apocalypse! He's been in just about every sci-fi show and here he returns as the demon Crowley who wants to help the brothers take on Lucifer. He's in tonight's episode too, and since Bobby just sold his soul to Crowley in return for the location of Death, well, let's just say how the deal was sealed is hysterical.

  • Stargate Universe - Cool alien dinosaur! I would have liked to see more of it. I also enjoyed the fact that Scott, Chloe and Eli are still trapped out there and it's not an easy fix to get them back.

Loathed It:
  • Fringe - Everyone was excited at the thought of a Fringe musical, but let's just say this was no Buffy. I've been loving the season and where they're headed with the show, so I'll forgive the one detour. However, apparently only Astrid can sing, since the other songs were more talked through than sung and there was just no point to it. Yes, there was some clever dialogue, and the costumers and cinematographers had some fun. I, on the other hand, not so much.

  • Dancing With the Stars - For taking way ratings from Chuck and House.

  • Happy Town - So far I'm not at all sold on this one. Weird shit is going on, but who are you supposed to root for.

  • V - I hate Tyler. Really Erica should just let the Vs have him... Worse yet, how in the world are the Fifth Column at four strong supposed to win? Especially when they have a V in their midst and they don't bother to ask him anything about his species, their weaknesses, where they come from, etc. etc. Seriously folks, why is this raging plot hole not being plugged?

  • American Idol - The loss of Siobhan Magus... I'm going to miss her. She made this dull year interesting.

  • FlashForward - So according to Gabriel (James Callis in a very, very different turn from his Battlestar days) tells Olivia that she's the key. Huh?

  • FlashForward #2 - When the only characters you like are Demetri and Simon, it may be time to check out of this series... just like millions of other viewers did.

  • Mongolian Death Worm - Okay, no this hasn't aired yet. But Syfy sent me a review copy. I have to admit I love bad movies (especially if they are really bad like Mega Piranha and I can skip through the boring parts). So I both enjoyed and hated Mongolian Death Worm... I enjoyed it because these insatiable worms sucked people in whole and the special effects weren't terrible... and I hated it because if we're going into the world of Mongolian Death Worms then let's see some humor. A good bad movie should be fun.

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