Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jouralistic Rumblings - Leonard Nimoy, new show video clips, Futurama, and sex

It's been one of those weeks. I have five articles up alone today on Sci Fi Wire, and 14 this week with all the network fall presentation news and end of the season stuff. Add to that setting up interviews and such for Sci Fi Magazine... Let's just say my husband's requesting I cut my hours down to 12 a day. I've got one more article to write tonight and then I'm taking tomorrow off! Here's a couple of bits of interest regarding my Sci Fi Wire articles...

Leonard Nimoy retires - In my interview with Leonard Nimoy from a conference call, he talks about his retirement from the business, and at 79-years-old I think he means it this time. He goes into his work on tonight's Fringe finale and why his role as Walter Bishop will be his last.

Upcoming new show trailers - If you'd like to get a look at this summer's ABC show The Gates or next fall's CW show Nikita or even next midseason's NBC show The Cape, I've got the video clip trailers online. So check out my Wire article See trailers and concept art from 9 new sci-fi TV series.

Futurama - We couldn't include the clip for the not-so-new Futurama, which returns after years off the air. The animated comedy premieres on Comedy Central on Thursday, June 24 at 10 p.m. But how can you not include Futurama, so here it is.

Headlines - I'm not a very good headline writer, and so most of my heads get changed by my editors. Getting people to click into a story is what it's all about for a publication like the Wire. That's how we make our money by being able to prove that a certain number of people clicked through to read an article and the ad was on the page.

But seriously... sometimes it's okay not to put the word "Sex" in a headline... Like when there's nothing to back it up in the story. My article today on Teen Wolf getting picked up as a series by MTV was a simple one. The title ended up being "MTV is making a Teen Wolf TV series. With sex, of course.".

So beware just because it says "With sex, of course" in the title, it doesn't actually mean that the article has anything to do with or even talks about sex.

If you look at some of the heads used around the web, we're not the only ones who stretch things to get a hit. I guess it's all about the packaging. [Kathie shakes her head and chuckles... literally.]

Interview etc. - I talked to Battlestar Galatica's James Callis this week about his new regular role on Eureka. I'll have some of that for you later after I see what I need for the magazine and the Wire.

Upcoming interviews... Chris Fedak, the creator of Chuck, about what we have to look forward to for the finale on Monday night for the Wire. True Blood's Lindsey Pulsipher, a new regular who will play Crystal and who's heavily involved with Jason, for an article in October's issue of Sci Fi Magazine (which hits newsstands at the end of July). Interview extras will be published here (which means any good quotes that don't fit into the Wire or the magazine).

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