Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journalistic rumblings - Lost, Happy Town, pickups, etc.

This week in sci-fi entertainment journalism...

Lost - Yep, the series is about to end. Yesterday I interviewed Kenton Duty, who plays the mysterious blonde boy who's given the Locke-ness Monster a warning or two. Well, we found out all about who he is in this week's episode, which I won't spoil if you haven't seen it. Let's just say he plays an important character in his teen years.

Kenton was delightful to talk to, something you don't always get when you're interviewing a young actor. He was very excited by the role and it was his 15th birthday. He talked about having to keep his character's identity secret even from his grandmother, who is a huge Lost fan. Guess what? She found out with the rest of us and only talked to him about 20 minutes before I did. You'll find the interview up later today on Sci Fi Wire, and I'll post interview extras here in a few days.

Happy Town - ABC has pulled the low rated series off the air for a couple weeks in an attempt to get some ratings for May sweeps, and the show will return June 2 with the final five episodes. I have to admit this one never took off for me, and with ABC burning the final episodes off during the summer it looks like the few people left watching will have to make due with however the series ends after episode 8, cause you're not going to get any more of this one. No, it hasn't been officially cancelled, but there's no way ABC would pick it up over V or even FlashForward.

Pick Ups - Here's where we stand so far:

ABC - New series No Ordinary Family, about a family of superheros with Michael Chiklis playing the dad; and Castle for a 3rd season. Still waiting to hear about the pilot, The Cape (possible); and V (likely), FlashForward (unlikely), Happy Town (doa), Better Off Ted (dead). Cancelled or ending: Lost and Eastwick. Coming up this summer: The Gates, about a gated community with vampires, werewolves and other creatures.

CBS - Big Bang Theory for a 4th season. Still waiting to hear about Ghost Whisperer (possible), Medium (possible), and The Mentalist (certain). Numb3rs is looking pretty dead.

NBC - New series J.J. Abrams The Undercovers, about a married spy couple featuring (I think) the first black action leads; and The Event, a conspiracy theorist's wet dream. Still waiting to hear about Chuck (likely), Heroes (possible movie over a 5th season). Coming up this summer Persons Unknown (the ultimate big brother, only you don't just get voted out of the house) and the Day One alien invasion movie (hopefully, finally).

Fox - Fringe for a 3rd season, Human Target for a 2nd season of 13 episodes, Lie to Me for a 2nd season. Still waiting to hear about Bones (certain) and House (likely); and the pilot for Steven Spielberg’s dino-drama Terra Nova (looking good). Cancelled or ending: 24, Dollhouse, Past Life.

The CW - The Vampire Diaries for a 2nd season, Supernatural for a 6th season, and Smallville for a 10th season. Still waiting to hear about the pilots Nikita (likely) and Betwixt aka Changelings (likely).

Syfy - This summer: New series Haven, about a FBI agent who runs into humans with supernatural abilities in a small town; Warehouse 13 for a 2nd season and Eureka for a 4th season. This fall: Stargate Universe for a 2nd season and Sanctuary for a 3rd season. Still waiting to hear about Caprica, however it still has half its first season episodes to air; and Merlin for a 3rd season (likely).

Upcoming Interviews, etc. - Kenton Duty's interview re: Lost will go up today. I have a conference call with Joss Wheaton re: his director gig on Glee, which may not make Sci Fi Wire if he doesn't say something sci-fi worthy. And I have a conference call tomorrow with Leonard Nimoy re: Fringe. Yep, even my husband, Chuck, who watches about an hour of TV a month (to humor me) was impressed by that one. Of course, he still thinks Nimoy is Mr. Spock. Okay he is still Spock, but he's also William Bell from Fringe. I'll likely post interview extras here if I've got interesting stuff left on any of these.

And True Blood fans - I've got a request into my editor to send me an image of the cover of the upcoming August issue of Sci Fi Magazine (on newsstands June 1) for me to post. It features Sookie and Bill (I think! If they used the picture I saw). I'll post it if she let's me.

And I've got some fun interview extras from Denis O'Hare, who plays the new regular character Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi. I hope to get that up in the next few days. Once and a while you end up interviewing someone you could talk to all day long because they are so charming and interesting. He's one of those guys.

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